KTR 400 - Knox Kershaw Inc.
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KTR 400

Technical Specs

LENGTH17’-0” (5.2m)
WIDTH10’-7” (3.3m)
HEIGHT9’-3” (2.8m)
WEIGHT16,600 lbs. (7.6T)
WHEELBASE8’-7” (2.7m)

Machine Description

The Knox Kershaw KTR 400 is an efficient tie exchanging machine that uses hydraulically powered clamps and an integral rail jacking system to lift the rail for plate removal and replacement, and a hydraulically powered arm to effortlessly remove old ties and replace them with the new. It also provides auxiliary hydraulics to be used as a power source for hand tools.

QSB 4.5, 110HP, Tier 3 engine with 24V electrical system. 16” cast steel wheels. Service brakes are air applied, spring released, and parking brakes are spring applied, air released on all wheels. 80 gal diesel fuel tank, 16 hrs of operation, lockable cap, particle strainer. 40 gallon hydraulic tank with lockable cap, tank breather, fluid level gauge, magnetic strainer, particle strainer. Permanently mounted turntable with easy access controls and air operated locks.