KRC 70 - Knox Kershaw Inc.
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KRC 70

Technical Specs

LENGTH-WORK70’-0” (21.3 M)
LENGTH-TRAVEL16’-5” (12.2 M)
HEIGHT12’-0” (3.7 M)
WEIGHT22,000 lbs. (9980KG)

Machine Description

Knox Kershaw’s KRC 70 Ramp Car is a 7-section folding ramp for loading/unloading MOW work equipment trains. Theramp car has a total working length (not including grade on the car) of 70 feet; this translates to 5.3% grade. The foldingmechanism is controlled by the cylinder rod positions for reliable sequencing.

Standard package is a Deutz, 2-cylinderdiesel, 30 hp, oil-cooled. 12V DC negative ground. Engine alternator charged.Fuel: 20 gal. (76 L), Hydraulic: 40 gal. (151 L)