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KPB 200

Technical Specs

LENGTH20’-6” (6.2m)
WIDTH10’-2″ (3.1m)
HEIGHT8’-4” (2.5m)
WEIGHT18,000 lbs. (8.2T)
WHEELBASE6’-0” (1.8m)
WH. DIAMETER16″ (406mm)

Machine Description

The Knox Kershaw Inc. KPB 200 Plate Broom is used as one of the machines in tie replacing consist to remove all of the material away from fastening area. It can be towed without disconnecting the propel chain.

Engine Assembly: Cummins QSB 4.5 diesel water cooled engine rated at 110HP.

Hydraulic Pumps/Motors: Veljan Double vane pump, for propulsion system and for controls and broom drive.

Transmission: Sauer Danfoss Plus I control allows infinite speed control in forward and reverse and facilitates operation from the side or the rear. Single axle drive via “Polychain” belt and sprocket. Selection valve is used to disconnect propel for towing.

Propel Speed: Work- creeping to 5mph. Tow- 0 to 25 mph.

Broom: Hydraulically driven through Polychain "GT" belt and sprocket. Broom reel sweeps the entire tie length. Stone deflector is raised and lowered hydraulically for element replacement.