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Knox Kershaw Inc. now offers a variety of equipment available for lease or rent.

Please contact our Sales Department to learn more about terms and conditions. Opportunities for rent-to-own and lease-to-own arrangements are available.

Our most popular equipment, including Ballast Regulators, Kribber Adzers, Plate Brooms, and Tie Cranes are eligible for lease, rental, lease-to-own, or rent-to-own. Products included are:

  • Anchor and Clip Equipment
  • Ballast Regulators
  • Bridge Cranes
  • Kribber Adzers
  • OTM Reclaimers
  • Plate Brooms
  • Snow Fighters
  • Spike Pullers
  • Spikers
  • Tampers
  • Tie Cranes
  • Tie Exchangers

We lease products from the following vendors:

Leasing Inquiries

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +1 334-387-5669
    Toll-free: +1 800-221-4137
    Fax: +1 334-387-4554
    Address: 11211 Trackwork St., Montgomery, AL, 36117