KKA 1050

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Kribber Adzer guide wheels keep the crawlers on track while the machine works.

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The adzer is equipped with hydraulically controlled skids that maintain a consistent cutting depth.

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The positive pressure dust vacuum eliminates airborne dust and debris caused by the adzing process.

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The speed control feature automatically controls the crawler speed when adzing.

Technical Specs

  • Length
    30’-0” (9.1m)
  • Width
    9’-4” (2.9m)
  • Height
    10’-6” (3.2m)
  • Weight
    36,000 lbs. (16.4T)
  • Wheelbase
    12’-4” (3.8m)
  • Wh. diameter
    20" (508mm)
  • Specification Sheet PDF

Machine Description

The KKA 1050 is a heavy duty kribber adzer that is designed for clearing out the cribs (at the tie plate area) and adzing the ties in a continuous operation. Newly redesigned, the KKA1050 is designed to be easy to operate, simple to troubleshoot, and easily accessible for repair and service. It features enhanced operator ergonomics, improved layout of components, and superior dust suppression and fire prevention/ suppression.

Power Unit:
240 HP Cummins QSB 6.7, 24V, Tier 3 rated engine with electronic engine warning system and external oil drain. Hydraulic motor / gear box with chain drive to one axle. 20” cast steel wheels. Service brakes are air applied and spring released on all wheels. Hydraulically controlled sliding turntable with permanently fixed base plate quickly adjusts for weight change. Design reduces buildup of debris and allows for easy cleaning. Onboard water tank and automatic fire suppression system are standard.
Air conditioned, sound insulated, comfortable operator’s seat with mechanical suspension and seat belt, electric wipers, air horn, travel and work lights, safety glass windows, side entry door that opens to inboard access platform. Engine monitor and all gauges integrated into one high-resolution color display which also monitors machine systems and aids in trouble shooting.
Dust Collector:
Cyclone dust collection system mounted on the corner of mainframe. The positive pressure cyclone system uses a material handling fan to vacuum up debris and blow it into the cyclone. Inside the cyclone, debris is separated and falls from the bottom opening of the cyclone. The majority of the smoke and air exits the cyclone through the top mounted exhaust stack.
Vertical deployment system for swift, accurate height adjustment of adzer head. Adzer head cutting depth is controlled using hydraulically controlled skids which allow adzer head to float and maintain a consistent cut. 21” diameter, 6-bit adzer head comes standard. Work speed is automatically adjusted dependent upon adzer load.
Hydraulic cylinder actuated skids mounted ahead and behind the adzer head ride in the plate cut area of the tie to provide depth control to the adzer bits while adzing. When both skids are in the down position, the adzer head floats to ensure a consistent level cut.
Speed Control:
The speed control feature automatically controls the crawler speed when adzing. Crawler speed is proportionally controlled by the adzer head. Resistance on the adzer head slows the crawlers to ensure the adzer head maintains optimum cutter speed.