KBR 860

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The 860 cab has incredible visibility and optional joystick controls.

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The box frame style plow gets the job done in one pass and features a power down feature for re-railing purposes.

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Regulator wings have a 13' (3.96m) reach from the center line.

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The standard ballast broom has a 6 flight broom reel with 228 offset sweeping elements.

Technical Specs

  • Length
    34’-0” (10.4m)
  • Width
    10’-7” (3.3m)
  • Height
    10’-3” (3.12m)
  • Weight
    40,000 lbs. (18T)
  • Wheelbase
    14’-0” (4.3m)
  • Wh. diameter
    28" (711.2mm)

Machine Description

The KBR 860 Ballast Regulator is a versatile track dressing machine. Sporting all the heavy duty components needed for the most demanding jobs, this machine has a 14’ wheel base, a 10’ height and a weight of 36K, making it an easily transportable machine.

Power Unit:
14’ wheelbase frame, 260hp Cummins tier III engine, Danfoss hydraulic valves, hydrostatic pump for propel and vane pumps for broom and control functions, Funk 4 speed manual transmission or 6 speed power shift transmission, 28” wheels with clasp style brakes with fail safe brake chambers, mount on truck style axles and a turntable.
Sound insulated and climate controlled with a hydraulic drive side mounted air-conditioner, heater and pressurizer. Comfortable, mechanical suspension operator’s seat, tinted windows, front and rear wipers, dual air horns, LED lighting, rearview mirrors, manual controlled valve bank for component operations. First-Aid kit, fire extinguisher, and jump seat. Available options include: joystick controls, additional perimeter lighting.
110” wide, housing with belt drive, reversing valve, heavy duty baffles, hydraulically raised deflector, 6 flight broom reel with 228 offset Knox Knocker II broom elements attached with the KKI combo broom element clamp. Available options include: water misting dust suppression, broom mounted tool box, concrete broom reel.
A one pass, fabricated box frame style plow with 1” T-1 plow blades, blade locks and heavy duty grader blades and skid. Blade operation is hydraulically controlled from the cab. Plow incorporates a power down feature for re-railing purposes. Available options include: lockable storage area in the plow frame, concrete grader blade kit, carbide coated skid.
1.5 cu.yd. capacity box style frame, independent hydraulically operated template doors, heavy duty slider boxes, 6” T-1 grader blades and a 13’ reach from center line. Options include: articulated templates, break away template door cylinder mount.