kng800 in Durango

Use one Ballast Regulator for Multiple Track Gauges

KKI Ballast Regulators can be built for any gauge and even be convertible between certain gauges

KTC-1200 Tie Crane

Move ties with a crane built for trackwork

Choose from three robust crane models
with several clearance and grapple options

The KBR 860

Profile ballast in one pass

The "one pass" transfer plow used in conjuction
with the wing makes transferring ballast a quick and simple operation

KTR 400 Tie Replacer

Replace Ties in a Single Stroke

The KTR 400 can remove and also replace wood and concrete sleepers quickly and effortlessly

KSF 940 Snow Fighter

Clear snow from the tracks in the harshest winters

The KSF 940 is built to work in the most extreme cold weather conditions, but as soon as the snow melts it can be converted to a ballast regulator and a brush cutter.

kribber adzer

Optimize Adzing withAutomated Technology

The KKA 1050 Kribber Adzer uses hydraulically controlled skids to set cutting depth, while the automatic speed control feature adjusts crawler speed to maintain consistent cutting and increase the life of the adzer.

kyc550 yard cleaner

A Yard Cleaner that leaves the track clear

The KYC 550 Yard Cleaner is capable of clearing the track and shoulders of unwanted material at a rate of 2.66 cubic yards per minute.

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