Alabama Governor Bob Riley (left) and Knox Kershaw (right)


Kershaw Family Tradition

Based in Montgomery, Alabama Knox Kershaw Inc. was started in 1924 by Royce Kershaw, Sr. as the Royce Kershaw Company. The name was changed in 1983 when his son, Knox Kershaw, bought it in a sell out agreement with Kershaw Manufacturing.

When the company was started, Royce Kershaw, Sr. specialized in railroad track construction. By 1956 the company had built, reconditioned, or removed over four thousand miles of track throughout the United States.

During WWII, Royce Kershaw Sr. invented the ballast regulator and cribbing machine as a solution to the labor shortages. In 1946 he diverted part of his energies from the Royce Kershaw Company to the design and development of railway trackwork machinery.

In this venture he organized Kershaw Manufacturing Company, Inc. and devoted most of his efforts to manufacturing, using the Royce Kershaw Company to provide service to those railroads that preferred to contract this work, rather than buy and operate the equipment themselves. It wasn’t until 1983, when it became Knox Kershaw Inc. that the company began developing and manufacturing equipment under its own name.

In 1993, Knox Kershaw Inc. introduced the first KBR 900 Ballast Regulator. The introduction of this revolutionary machine put Knox Kershaw Inc. on the map, earning the company the reputation of being an innovative manufacturer of quality railroad equipment.

Today, Knox Kershaw Inc. is in the business of manufacturing and remanufacturing railway track maintenance machines and spare parts for both domestic and international customers all over the world. Operating in a state of the art facility, Knox Kershaw Inc. employees use their extensive experience in the industry to manufacture cutting edge, high quality equipment with emphasis on customer service and efficiency.

The company is not only a leader in the railroad maintenance equipment industry, but also a pillar of the local community, supporting causes that improve the city of Montgomery and provide jobs to over 100 citizens of Alabama. Knox Kershaw Inc. was recognized for its important role in the state when the company received the award of Alabama Manufacturer of the Year in 2008 by the Business Council of Alabama.

In 2011, the company secured its future as a family business when two of Mr. Kershaw’s children came to work for Knox Kershaw Inc. in the Sales and Marketing departments.

The business of Knox Kershaw Inc. consists of the following:

Manufacturing the following equipment, designed by Knox Kershaw Inc.

Material Transporter
Ballast Regulator
Ballast Regulator and/or Snow Fighter
Ballast Regulator and/or Snow Fighter
Double Broom
Kribber Adzer
Narrow Gauge Ballast Regulator
Plate Broom
Snow Fighter
Switch Undercutter
Tie Handling Crane
Tie Crane
Tie Replacer
Rail Utility Vehicle & Personnel Carrier
Yard Cleaner

Parts and Kits:

Manufacturing of improved performance kits for Kershaw (Progress Rail) machines.
Replacement parts for Knox Kershaw and Progress Rail/Kershaw Mfg. Co. machinery.
Replacement parts for Plasser and Kershaw Undercutting machines.

Remanufacturing of:

All Knox Kershaw Inc. equipment
Kershaw Ballast Regulators
Double Brooms
Kershaw Yard Cleaners
Kershaw Switch Undercutters
Kershaw Undercutter Ballast Cleaners
Plasser RM76 & RM80 Undercutter Ballast Cleaner


Our current customers are:

Norfolk Southern
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Florida East Coast
Union Pacific
Canadian Pacific
Canadian National
Kansas City Southern
and many shortlines and contractors.